Album: self-titled
Label: Reality Records
Style: Electro rock
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Glass Eden is the solo project of Peter Blackwell. There is no way that you would ever think by listening to the songs found on this album that they were all perfromed by one person. Everything sounds like a group effort. These songs sound like they were performed by a band and not just a solo artist. There is so much variety delivered here that you would think that this is a compilation album with various artists contributing to it as opposed to the same guy doing it all. Track one "Give Up" is pure heavy and aggressive guitar thrashing madness with pissed off distorted screaming male vocals. It's a little repetitive and has a slight NIN sound to it, but it still rocks. Track two "Sheep" begins like some happy 70's retro song and then turns heavy and psycho kind of like a Marilyn Manson song. It blends this uplifting feel in and out mixed with the chaotic madness to make for quite an original sound. Track three "Enough" has a bit more of a funk sound to it and sounds similar to Sister Machine Gun with an electro rock vibe to it. Track four "Human" is noisy, scratchy and distorted with a NIN sound to it. Track five "Hymn 13" is a melodic and beautiful song with soothing keyboard melodies and high pitched clean singing. It doesn't fit on this album at all. Track six "Power" is a heavy funk rock song with no industrial influences. It's another song that sounds out of place on the album. Track seven "Real" is another guitar heavy rock song with no industrial influences. It's good, but doesn't quite fit too well here. Track eight "Goodbye" is an acoustic alternative balad with no industrial touches making it just not seem like it belongs here. Track nine "Underneath" is a melodic and soothing piano/synth instrumental. Track ten "Headless" is a great industrial rock song with demented female singing and an overall twisted vibe to it. Track eleven "Anal" is a straight forward aggressive guitar thrashing punk song with female screaming vocals. Track twelve "Do It To Yourself" is an industrial rock song with classic sounding guitar solos and a combination of both male and female singing. It's a good heavy rock song. People might think having so much variety on one album is a good thing. However, most of these songs sound so much different from each other that you have to switch from one mood to the next much too often making this album sound all over the place. It's very difficult to enjoy this album from start to finish without wanting to skip past a lot of the songs because they sound so out of place here. There are a lot of great songs that go together, but there are a few that don't quite work. Also, while there a lot of different musical styles here, none of the songs sound that original. There are a lot of NIN influences as well as Marilyn Manson and Sister Machine Gun just to name a few. The music for the most part does have a commercial sound to it, but just doesn't seem to be quite as polished as most mainstream bands out there. So it fits somewhere between indie rock and mainstream acceptance. I am sure once Peter perfects his sound a little more Glass Eden will have a video on MTV and a song on the radio before we know it. If you are a fan of a more electro rock style of industrial music you will most likely enjoy what this album has to offer. But if EBM and electro industrial are more your thing, you might want to pass on this one. This is for fans of guitar heavy rock music only.