Album: self-titled
Label: ADSR Musicwerks
Style: EBM
Songs: 4


Reviewed by: Darklight

Glis is an energetic club EBM band that feature the combination of male and female vocals. The music is made up of fast paced textured electro sounds, effects, beats and dramatic synth melodies. While itís not really anything new or different, itís still nicely composed and entertaining.

The songs mix both male and female vocals that sing well. The male vocals are a bit high pitched which I donít find as appealing as deep vocals, but are still good and sing with melody. The female vocals are excellent singing angelic and beautiful.

The four songs delivered here offer an almost pop sound with upbeat catchy rhythms and beats, but there are enough dark elements included as well to keep things in the EBM realm. This band will appeal to fans of The Dust Of Basement, No Comment and Technoir. I canít wait for a full-length release by them.