Album: "The Compassionate, The Digital" (1996)
Grievous Amalgam Records
Style: Electro metal
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is very electronic music, but still falls into the electro metal genre. The programming techniques used here show that this band could be a pure electro industrial band if they chose to be, but instead they include heavy guitar and deep clean typical rock sounding male vocals that only headbangers could appreciate. All of the songs here do have good rhythms and beats combined with dramatic melodies. The music is fairly aggressive, but it's not noise thrash. The guitars do not drown out the sequencing, but do have a heaviness about them that is pure metal. This band reminds me a lot of Paradise Lost, but with electronics and samples. The songs are very structured and all do sound the same. There's not a lot of variety here. Once you have listened to a few of the tracks you have basically heard what the entire album has to offer. This is good music, but it's nothing new or creative. It does sound like generic formula music. The band seems to be trying to appeal to fans of industrial music as well as fans of metal music, but with their crossover hybrid sound they probably won't appeal to either. The music is too metal for rivetheads and too electro for metalheads. I think that this band has the potential to become a great electro industrial band if they stripped away the guitars and roughed up the vocals a bit with distortion and anger. But they could just as easily go in the other direction and take away the electronics to become a pure metal band. I guess that we will just have to wait and see what they decide to do on their next release.