Album: "Empath"
Label: Sector 9 Studios (2003)
Style: Electro-industrial
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

God Module is now the solo project of Jasyn Bangert, and he does fine on his own delivering some great heavy and aggressive electro-industrial music on this second God Module CD.

What is offered here are energetic songs with frantic electronic programming, relentless beats, sampling, dark melodies and Jasyn's angry distorted vocals.

There's a decent amount of variety as some songs are straight up floorkillers while others are more cold and relaxed. While every song is good, some are better then others. There are some songs that are so emotionally charged that they make me want to smash everything in sight, and others that are good but don't really do a whole lot for me.

This is a good solid electro-industrial recording offering a lot of really exciting songs, but it does sound rather typical for the genre. Therefore, I hope Jasyn tries some new things on the next God Module release so he doesn't end up putting out the same album again.


Album: "Artificial" (2000)
Label: Inception Records
Style: Electro-industrial
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

God Module is the American electro-industrial duo of Jasyn Bangert and Andrew Ramirez. These two talented musicians deliver some excellent songs on this debut disc of theirs. In fact, almost every track here stands out as a hit. These songs will pack the dance floors of every industrial/EBM/darkwave club. But you'll want to listen to this album cranked on your headphones, in your car and at home as well. The overall sound of the songs here are dark energetic electro-industrial with excellent effects layering, sampling and driving bass drum beats. The vocals are distorted and shout the lyrics out in anger over the music. While there's nothing really new or different to be found on this disc, it's still all done well and done right. A lot of similar bands try to include too much variety on their CDs. However, God Module is just interested in delivering intense and energetic electro-industrial music with no exceptions to the rule. This is what makes this CD such a treat to listen to. There's no out-of-place crap getting in the way of the action. You get one great dark EBM track after another from start to finish. There are female vocals included on the tracks "Where Even The Stars Still Shine" and "Denial". This is nice for a little diversity. The final track "Blind" is the only instrumental on the album, and it's amazing. It's a great track to end the CD with. With fourteen long playing songs, this CD is packed with music. It's a must for every electro-industrial fan that enjoys other great dark EBM acts such as Decoded Feedback, Din_Fiv, Hocico, Imperative Reaction, LeŠther Strip, Pulse Legion and Velvet Acid Christ.