Album: "Grim"
Label: N/A (2004)
Style: Darkwave/Electro experimental
Songs: ?


Reviewed by: Darklight

Gothic is a darkwave/electro experimental project from Italy. This is a double CD recording packed with variety. Some of it works, and some of it doesn't.

The music offered here basically goes in every direction imaginable never really focusing on one sound. There are elements of gothic rock, darkwave and electro experimental coming and going all the time. Some of the songs are frantic, chaotic and energetic while others are slow, cold and dreary. The vocals in the songs are just as varied offering deep singing, high-pitched screaming and monotone speech.

Some songs sound like old school gothic rock, some like modern darkwave, some like experimental and some like dark funk. The listener is definitely given a lot of styles of music on this recording. Unfortunately, none of it really does anything for me. I prefer more structured music myself. Also, there's a somewhat amateur sound to the music and vocals. It's obvious that the musicians involved in this project have talent, but more practice and improved audio production would be good.