Album: "Prescription:Medicide"
Label: Metropolis Records (2004)
Style: Electro-industrial
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Grendel is the solo electro-industrial assault of Vlrk. I liked his previous debut Grendel release Inhumane Amusement, but felt there was definitely room for improvement. Well, Vlrk has improved greatly over the years, and it shows on this Prescription:Medicide release. This is a much stronger and more focused effort in my opinion.

This is an energy fueled aggressive recording with manic electronic proramming, furious beats, dark synth melodies, movie samples and angry distorted snarling vocals. Vlrk doesn't try and do anything else here but deliver extremely intense electro-industrial attacks. From track one to track ten this album never lets up to allow you to catch your breath. So be in the mood for some insane madness from beginning to end with this one.

Even though the songs sound somewhat similar to each other, they contain enough unique elements to stand out from one another. While this album is mainly a heavy assault of chaos, Vlrk isn't afraid to mix in some infectious beats and well orchestrated melodies to make everything more interesting. He really shows off some impressive programming skills here with the ability to deliver songs with aggressive force that contain creative sound layering and texturing.

All of the songs on this album could work on the dance floor, but the kindergoths waving their arms around in a goofy trance will want to clear out of the way because the rivetheads will take over the floor and turn it into a mosh pit when any of these songs play.

Album: "Inhumane Amusement"
Label: Noi Tekk (2001)
Style: Electro-industrial
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

Grendel delivers extremely harsh and brutal noise induced electro-industrial music featuring blasting beats and fits of rage at a furious pace.

The programming is frantic and chaotic shooting off in different directions while the drum beats fire like a machine gun. Haunting melodies can be heard buried behind the mayhem while extremely distorted male vocals shout out the lyrics in a rage.

The songs are structured rather well containing a lot of interesting sounds and ideas within them. While overall thereís a noisy and distorted sound to the music here, it manages to deliver some good melodies as well. This is chaos combined with harmony to create both beauty and darkness.

This music is cold and sporadic with mayhem leading the way. But my complaint with it is the same for most bands that produce this style of music: thereís just not a lot of variety from track to track. While each of the songs do a decent job of sounding somewhat different, itís not enough to really allow anything to stand out. Also, the vocals are too distorted. The vocalist proves on occasion that he can indeed sing, but his overly distorted delivery takes away from his true potential.

The bottom line is that this is a good first effort for Grendel, but thereís definitely room for improvement here. Iím sure that this act will really deliver some great music in the future when their sound matures more. This is still a solid aggro noise infected electro-industrial assault. If you enjoy bands such as Allied Vision, F/A/V, Hocico, Object and Suicide Commando, you will like this CD.