Album: "Megotholis" (2000)
Label: G3 Productions
Style: Dark heavy rock
Songs: 4


Reviewed by: Darklight

Grigori 3 is a five member dark heavy goth rock band featuring female vocals. The songs are primarily created with thrashing guitar, bass and drums. In the mix are also haunting keyboard melodies which are a nice addition to the music. While the music is heavy fast paced and aggressive, the vocals provided by Gwendy Bartolini are melodic. She has a good voice with a lot of range and sings well with the music allowing everything to blend nicely. Both the dramatic keyboard harmonies and Gwendy's singing give this band their gothic edge. The first three tracks "Megotholis", "Black Sky" and "Untold" all stick to the same formula of dark heavy rock with keyboards. However, the fourth track "Awakening" is the stand-out track in my opinion as it contains a lot of electronic programming which gives it an edge. Hopefully the band will experiment with the use of electronic programming more in the future as it really adds a lot to their sound. The bottom line is that Grigori 3 is a very quality dark heavy goth rock band. They remind me a lot of Paradise Lost, but with female vocals. If you're a fan of this style of music, you will want this CD.