Album: "Great Industrial Love Affairs"
Label: WTII Records (2002)
Style: EBM/electro-pop
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

HMB is a Daniel Myer project. He’s best known for his other projects Haujobb, Cleen, Cleaner and Clear Vision. But I personally think that this HMB recording is the best thing he’s done yet.

Daniel does all of the music here while bringing on a few guest female singers to provide the vocals. While Daniel performs vocals on a couple of tracks, and Dennis Ostermann from In Strict Confidence lends his voice to one of the songs, most of the tracks include beautiful female singing provided by Victoria Lloyd and Vanessa Briggs.

There’s a good helping of variety to be found here. There are EBM, electro-pop, darkwave and experimental songs. Unfortunately, this hurts the CD a bit as it makes it sound more like a compilation from different bands as opposed to staying focused and sounding like one project.

The songs with Daniel Myer singing on them sound like Haujobb or Clear Vision songs, the song with Dennis Ostermann sounds exactly like an In Strict Confidence track and the electro-pop, darkwave and experimental tracks with the female vocals sound like different bands as well. And while every song here is good, the differing styles make the overall CD flow a little roughly. Basically, it jumps around from one style to the next a little too much to remain consistent and enjoyable in its entirety.

Even with my slight complaints toward this recording, I still enjoy it. I like just about every track here, and never have the urge to skip past anything. There are a couple of awkward experimental tracks that I could have done without, but they’re still good enough to sit through.

The bottom line is that if you like the work of Daniel Myer, and want a CD packed with a lot of variety from electro-pop with female singing to dark EBM with distorted male growling, this CD is for you.