Album: "Self-Infected Creep" (1997)
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

If you want a pure angry, aggressive, noisy, hate filled, energy packed, rage fueled, heavy industrial album; this is it. This release doesn't let up for a second. It's chaotic madness right from the start. The music is created with noisy electronic sound effects that blast like futuristic weapons. The drum beats are machine gun assaults. The vocals are snarling distorted pissed off yelling. There really isn't any structure to be found here. It's basically scratchy, adrenaline pumping, psychotic mayhem. This is an electronic nightmare of horror filled demonic thoughts that scream out with a vengeance. But this album is not without its faults. There is not a lot of variety from song to song. They are straight foward for the most part always playing at about the same fast and furious pace. There are a couple of slower more moody moments here as well, but they don't really break up the sound of the album all that much. Also, the music is created mainly with noisy electronic sound effects and drum programming. Dramatic and orchestrated synth melodies very rarely make an appearance here. So the music comes off a bit stale without enough layering to it. But this is still a very good aggressive industrial album that will please fans of noisy, violent and angry electronic music.