Album: "Shaper And Mechanist"
Label: ArtOfFact Records (2001)
Style: Electro/EBM/synth-pop
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Headscan is the Canadian duo of Claude Charnier and Christian Pomerleau. The songs they deliver on this debut sound very similar to Haujobb. In fact, this overall album sounds a lot like Haujobb’s Polarity recording.

Most of the songs offered here sound rather alike with sci-fi electronic programming, mid-tempo beats and cold deep dreary male vocals. But there are some tracks that are more energetic and club friendly as well. These are more exciting in my opinion. There’s also a few instrumentals for a little more variety.

This overall CD is good, but nothing groundbreaking. You’ve probably heard this same style of music many times before. If you like bands such as Haujobb, Negative Format and Netz, this Headscan recording is definitely for you. But if you prefer more energetic club EBM, or upbeat synth-pop, you might find this CD to be somewhat dull.

While this is a quality first effort for the duo, I would like to see them acquire more of their own unique sound in the future. Also, I feel they would benefit from upping the energy level a notch. And more passion and emotion in the vocals would be nice as well.

The bottom line is that this Shaper And Mechanist CD is a well produced lengthy recording not featuring a disappointing track. Fans of Haujobb will especially enjoy it.