Album: "Choking On Lilies" (1998)
Label: Re-Constriction Records
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 15


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band features the talents of Katie Helsby (vocals), Jonathan Sharp (programming) and Ian Palmer (guitars). The music found here is excellent. This is easily one of the best electro industrial bands with female vocals that I have heard yet. Katie has an incredible voice that sings both soft and melodically as well as faster and more aggressive. There's a lot of variety here and it all works superbly. Some tracks are dark and cold with melody while others are energetic and techno style meant strictly for the dance floor. The guitars used fit perfectly and never take over. Everything is mixed, blended and layered to perfection. The electronic sequencing, synth melodies and drum programming are Jonathan Sharp's work of art and do feature his edge. My main complaint is that there are six remixes, four of which are of the song "Breathe". I am the type of person that feels there should be separate remix albums made and no remixes should be included on the original full length album. I only need one version of a song on an album. I am not interested in hearing the same song more than once when I listen to a CD. I also feel that if remixes are going to be included on an album, they should be put at the end of an album as bonus tracks. I don't like it when they are scattered all over the place and put close to the original versions of the songs. Well, the remixes are all over the place on this album. They even are placed before the original versions. Luckily the remixes here are very good and sound a lot different from each other making them almost seem like different tracks. The bottom line is that this is very quality and well done female fronted electro industrial music with a touch of guitar thrown in for good measure. Even with all of the remixes, this album is still highly recommended.