Album: "You Are Obsolete" (1998)
Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Style: Synth-Pop
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band mixes 80's New Wave with current alternative to create some rather generic music that is just too cheerful, happy and uplifting for my tastes. The music is electronic, but empty and sparse. It's quite basic and not very layered or full. The vocals are clean and smooth, but lack passion and emotion. They just sing along to the music like a drone without a lot of feeling. The songs do have a manufactured feel to them. They are overly structured and never get that exciting. The pace of the album is kind of slow. Nothing ever really gets moving. It just plays along at a medium speed never quite pulling you in. There appear to be some Depeche Mode influences here, but not enough to carry this album along the path of greatness. There is a cover of the PIXIES song "Where Is My Mind?", but it lacks the edge of the original. Nothing here stands out or will grab your attention. It's basic cookie cutter run of the mill synth-pop music. If you're a big fan of this genre of music you might enjoy what this album has to offer, otherwise you will most likely find it to be as drab and boring as I do.