Album: "Filth" (1997)
Label: Triton
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

Right when this album began I had the feeling that I've already heard it before somewhere else. That's because this is your typical European electro industrial music constructed with electronic sequencing, harmonic synth melodies, drum programming and deep thick accented male vocals. The music is energetic with a dance floor pace, but is quite repetitive without anything original or different really happening in it. The song structures are rather straight forward and generic. The music plays at one constant pace while the vocals sing the same over it. Each song basically sounds the same here. There isn't a lot of diversity from one track to the next. There's nothing really bad, but there really isn't anything that good. It's just the same old thing that you've heard many times before. I will admit that the material is quality and well done. It's enjoyable to listen to for the most part. But it just didn't hold my interest for very long because it doesn't present anything fresh to make it stand out. If you still enjoy standard dark European  electro industrial music, you will probably enjoy this album. However, if you're searching for something new, this isn't it.