Album: "Resurrected" (1998)
Label: Cop International
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

My first question is why can't more industrial bands be like Imbue? What I mean is that Imbue manage to include so many changes, emotions, moods and feelings onto this one album that it's simply amazing. This is one of the best industrial albums I have ever heard. Each track sounds different, but flow along with each other perfectly. Everything works here. Nothing is out of place. I don't know if I have ever known an album to play along so smoothly where each track is placed so perfect. The different styles Imbue include here is also very impressive as they don't ever let the listener get bored with the same old thing. They throw out catchy drum and bass energetic tracks, guitar heavy aggressive distorted angst, melodic and beautfully moody ambience with compasion, techno dance floor funk and even european dark electro styles. No matter what kind of industrial music you like, it's here. You will like everything. You will not skip past any of it. You will love it all. It's all great. This album is proof of what a band can come up with if they are not afraid to be different and include a variety of different styles. They prove that different musical styles can be given and still keep everything together with a similar vibe. There is one instrumental here and it's breathtaking. Everything else has slightly distorted well sung male vocals that not only sing, but also scream with hatred. The lyrics are well written, too. The band switches gears constantly going from dark aggression to beautiful melody. But it is all wonderful and will make you want to enjoy it again and again. You will not be disappointed.