Album: "Soft Flesh-Hard Steel" (1996)
Label: Khazad-Dum
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

Implant creates a fairly original sound. They can't really be compared to any other band. Each of the songs found on this album sound a lot different. Song one "Intro" is a basic electronic instrumental. Song two "Chillout" is a very slow moving and dreary track with basic programming and whispered accented vocals. Song three "Fun" is rather energetic with sci-fi techno style electronic sounds and slightly growling vocals. Song four "Rage" continues the fast paced techno sound with drum and bass mixed with upbeat electronics and rough singing. Song five "Look-Alike" is noisy and techno based with a lot of samples and clean high pitched singing. It almost comes off as a synth-pop track. Song six "High" is melodic and sounds a lot like Love And Rockets. Song seven "Sect" is noisy and rather aggressive with static sounds mixed with heavy drum beats and fast paced electronics. The singing is kind of slow and basically just talks over the experimental rhythms and beats. Song eight "Love" is very drum heavy with electronic sound effects mixed with harmonic synth melodies and clean singing. This is a darker track than most that has a slight goth edge to it. Song nine "Spit" is an aggressive song with heavy drum beats and slithering electronic sequences. The vocals are distorted and sing with anger. This album definitely has a lot of variety on it. The only problem is that the overall sound of the music seems a bit dated. It lacks a lot of electronic layering, synth harmonies and samples. Overall, this is a good album with a unique sound. However, don't expect it to grab you right away. It will probably take a few listens before it grows on you.