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Album: "Misplaced"
Label: DSBP (2003)
Style: Industrial / Heavy Electro
Songs: 18


Reviewed by: Darklight

in-FUSED is the solo industrial/heavy electro music project of Tommy T. Rapisardi. What he delivers on this Misplaced album is varied heavy electronic music that includes elements of industrial, experimental and noise.

Tommy T. shows a lot of creativity, imagination and skill on this recording. He is a very diverse artist and can create just about any type of electronic music style you can think of.

The album begins with the intro instrumental "Enter Now" that includes samples from the sci-fi classic Logan's Run. This is a great way to kick things off. From here on out you're treated to a large variety of different electronic music.

Being that Tommy T. is also the primary memeber of the band Diverje, I expected this in-FUSED album to sound similar, but there's in fact very little similarities between the two. Some of the more structured electro-industrial songs with vocals sound somewhat similar to Diverje, but even they offer their own unique edge.

This album offers dark angry and aggressive electro-industrial with distorted vocals as well as a lot of beat heavy noise induced instrumentals. While I'm not usually a big fan of a lot of instrumentals on albums, I have to admit that the ones offered here are really good.

Tommy T. shows off some exceptional programming skills on this release delivering songs with a lot of layering and texturing made up of dynamic sounds and effects combined with rapid fire beats over orchestrated melodies. The way he is able to combine industrial, noise, techno and trance all into one sound is impressive.

This is a long CD featuring eighteen tracks. So you're definitely given a lot of music for your money with this release. All of the songs are good, too. I especially like "Misplaced", "Breaking The Code", "A Place To Bleed", "Punch Hole", "Find To Keep" and "Weightless". I admit that there's a few too many instrumentals on this album for me. I prefer the tracks with vocals, and would have liked more of them. Also, the Diverje remix of "Evacuate" seems out of place. I feel that the CD would have flowed better without it.

The bottom line is that this in-FUSED Misplaced album delivers a wide range of electronic music. You're bound to find something here that you like. It's all well done and will definitely keep you entertained.