Album: "Mind Sculptures Flesh" (1997)
Label: Pendragon Records
Style: Electro Industrial
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album features traditional fast paced dance style electro industrial music. Electronic sound effects layered with drum programming, synth melodies and samples. The vocals are the standard deep growling distorted shouting anger. So don't expect to hear anything really new on this album. But what you will hear are some really cool songs that are done well. However, this band ruined a good thing by only including vocals on six of the tracks. That leaves five instrumentals. I only like one of the five. Four of them just sound like experimental techno filler. The songs with vocals are great. They are energetic and ready for the dance floor. The vocals add in the aggressive edge. The music isn't really dark. It's more upbeat techno sounding with some noises thrown into the mix. Everything is full and alive with interesting twists and turns. Samples and beautiful synth harmonies really play a big part in the construction of the music here. It's just a shame that the band included so many instrumentals that are out of place. This album could have been amazing if the band decided to make more variety filled songs with singing. They prove that they have it in them. But this album still delivers enough quality songs to make it worth giving a listen to.