Album: "Asile En Orbite" (1998)
Label: Cercl'oeil
Style: Goth Rock
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a Canadian goth rock/punk band. They create old school 80's style goth rock music with heavy guitars, deep bass and driving drum beats. The singing is clean and deep voiced. All of the lyrics are in French. Everything here is fast paced and energetic. This music definitely rocks hard and heavy. The songs don't seem to change a lot from one to the next. Everything here kind of has the same sound. But there are catchy hooks and chorus' in a lot of these tracks. Nothing here will bore you. Some songs do slow things down a bit with a darker more haunting vibe to them, but there is always a grinding rock edge presented. The music at times sounds like T.S.O.L., TYPE O NEGATIVE and DANZIG. This is a quality CD and will be liked by those who enjoy an older 80's style of goth rock music.