Album: self-titled (1998)
Tone Casualties
Style: Experimental Electro
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band features the talents of cEVIN Key (Skinny Puppy/Download) and Paris (Christian Death/EXP). Both of these musicians are known for making very obscure experimental electronic noise. That is exactly what they create here on this album. I myself find these tracks to be rather empty and lifeless. They are dull and drab and I just don't see the appeal of them at all. I don't know what audience this kind of sound art is created for, but it's definitely not for an industrial/goth fan such as myself that enjoys the style of music played at clubs. The material found on this album consists of various sound effects coming and going in and out one after the other to make what sounds like a malfunctioning computer. In the background are light ambient textures. There are repetitive programmed drum beats to finish off the overall package. I actually find this material difficult to listen to. It's annoying and basically gets on my nerves. While some of the tracks here do show potential with a little more structure to them, nothing ever comes together. If you enjoy listening to annoying electronic sounds then you might get something from this album. However, I personally find this about as exciting as listening to a computer modem making a connection.