Album: "A Prayer In The Night" (1997)
Ras Dva Records
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

Jihad create very dark, haunting and moody electronic/synth music with unique sounding altered vocals. The layering of electronics, synths and drum programming is done very well here to give off catchy rythms and beats as well as drama and harmony. The music plays at a rather dreary medium pace that never really gets moving fast enough for the dance floor. But with its cold and orchestrated feel, it's obvious that this is emotional music meant for personal experience and not to be shared in a dance environment. As far as dark electro goes, Jihad do have an original sound. This is mainly due to the vocals. It's refreshing that they are not the typical distorted growling that is so common these days. They have more of a clean deep echo to them that fits perfectly with the music. My only complaint is that they don't really change from track to track. They pretty much sing the same on each song. Also, the music doesn't change a lot from song to song. Everything kind of plays at the same pace and features the same mood. But each song does deliver something different to give them an edge. I am very pleased that there are vocals on every track and the lyrics are extremely well written. The overall quality and sound production of this album is top notch. A little more variety would have made it better, but it's still a must for fans of dark electro music.