Album: "Fohn" (1995)
Label: Amphion Music
Style: Goth rock
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is yet another goth rock band that does absolutely nothing new. They have the same exact sound as hundreds of other goth rock bands out there. Why do goth bands continue to form if they don't plan on doing anything original? I heard this same exact sound ten years ago with The Sisters Of Mercy. I would expect that the goth music scene would have advanced somewhat by now. But bands such as this one continue to just copy a sound that has already been done to death. This band delivers deep male vocals, guitars, drums, and slight touches of synths. Each song is medium paced, and they basically just drag along. The overall sound is dark and haunting. The quality of the music is pretty good. But it's a shame that these band members with obvious talent would choose to create a sound that we have heard plenty enough already.