Album: "Fundamentum Divisionis" (2000)
Label: Out Of Line
Style: Dark Electro-industrial
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

This release sounds like something that would have come out in the early to mid Ď90s. Even the artwork for this album looks old school industrial.

Basically, what is delivered here are straight forward mid-tempo dark electro-industrial tracks featuring basic electronic programming, repetitive drum beats, haunting gothic soundscapes and extremely distorted male vocals. Each song also includes samples taken from the movie The Matrix.

This is unoriginal and uninspired music without anything new included. While this CD might have been considered something good several years ago, now itís simply average at best.

There are elements of Allied Vision, Grendel, Hocico and Suicide Commando in this music, but nothing here ever sounds as good as what those bands produce.

While the music manages to be interesting at times, especially for the instrumentals, the vocals are simple distorted yelling that donít attempt to sing ever. Even when I listen closely and try to make out what the lyrics are, I canít as the words are too mangled.

The main problem I have with this CD is that all of the songs basically sound the same. Thereís no variety here. Once youíve heard one song, youíve basically heard the entire album.

I feel this band does have the skill to make some really great music, they just need to mature a bit more. I would only recommend this to those of you who canít get enough of old school european dark electro-industrial music.