Album: "Trust In Opium" (1997)
Label: Pendragon Records
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a heavy and aggressive German electro industrial band that has a rather unique sound. I would call them a mix between Noise Box and Psychopomps. They are dark, noisy and very angry. The electronics are all over the place, the synths are haunting and harmonic, and the vocals are pure distorted growling. Each of the songs change emotions quite often. They might be moody at times and then just burst into anger and rage. The overall sound of the album is very scratchy, noisy and experimental. Nothing really seems structured here. Everything just seems to kind of go off in different directions. The electronics sound like a malfunctioning mess while the synths in the background are beautiful. This contrast actualy works very well. The songs range from slow, mellow and moody to fast paced, heavy and thrashy. Some songs stand out more than others, but they are all good for the most part. If you are looking for a rather unique electro industrial experience with a dark and aggressive edge, this is it.