Album: "Destination Heaven" (1998)
Label: Pendragon Records
Style: Electro-pop
Songs: 15


Reviewed by: Darklight

Electronic programming mixed with slight guitar, soothing synth melodies, piano, drum machines and beautiful female vocals that sing both in English and German is what the songs on this album offer. La Floa Maldita is a male and female duo from Germany that make some very quality music. The singing ranges from chanting opera style to faster more mainstream pop. The songs also range from slow and melodic soundscapes to faster paced alternative rock. For the most part the songs are very enchanting like DELERIUM. The problem that I have with this album is that a lot of the songs sound too similar to each other. There's not a lot of changes from one track to the next. Also, the music is a little too tame and romantic for my tastes. It's just not dark enough. However, the songs are of a very high quality and do have major crossover appeal. This band creates a sound that many could enjoy. I was a bit disappointed that only one song here combines both male and female vocals. It would have added a lot more variety to the album if they combined male and female vocals more often. There are two remixes at the end of the album that I feel are the best this CD has to offer. They come off like electro-industrial with fast paced rhythms and beats. These two songs would be excellent on the dance floor. This album would have been a lot better if there were more energetic songs like these here. Right now it's just a little too mellow.