Album: "Jesus Christ Superstars"
Label: Mute Corporation
Style: Electro Metal
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a dramatic aggressive electro metal album with heavy guitar riffs, drum assaults, and deep singing male vocals with a heavy accent. But what makes the difference here is the electronics, extremely powerful and emotional orchestrated synth harmonies, and choir style male and female background singing. This is electro metal music that is very passionate. The music actually plays at a medium pace. This is not thrashy music at all. It has a melodic style to it even though it is heavy and aggressive. Unique is a word that comes to mind when I think of this album. This is not your average music that you have heard a million times before. It's fresh and new, and that's what makes it stand out so much. It mixes orchestrated soundtrack style music with metal and industrial influences. The vocals are kind of dreary and almost just talk over the music. But they are very powerful and fit in perfectly. The synth harmonies are beautiful and gothic, the background vocals sound like a choir, the guitar riffs are heavy, the drums are hard driving, and the electronic rhythms and beats are very catchy. This is a very well done and quality album. But it is different. So it might not appeal to everyone.