Album: "Assassins" (1999)
Label: Order Of The Deathís Head
Style: Electro Industrial Metal
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

Landfill is a three man dark industrial band from Vancouver Washington. Their sound on this CD is typical amateur American made industrial music. The music itself is drab and empty not made up of enough sounds, effects, or beats. Basically, itís bare and needs more layering. Some songs include guitar and this does help make the music more full. But in the end, it sounds like this band really needs to practice and experiment more with the development of electronic music.

The vocals are another low point here. Theyíre heavily treated, and not in a good way. The vocalist basically just shouts out words over the music. He never really attempts to sing or do anything different. Overall, the vocals are muffled and just arenít interesting.

The band shows their most potential on the tracks "Assassins", "Mind Trigger", "Angst" and "Empty Of All Humanity". These four tracks all feature heavy guitar and death metal type shouting. It would appear as if this band is better suited as a heavy industrial metal band as opposed to a pure electro-industrial one. Their electronic programming abilities just arenít honed enough for all electro created music. And the vocalist doesnít appear to be able to do much more than shout words with anger. When the band uses a lot of guitar theyíre at their best. The angry shouting blends in well with the chugging guitar riffs.

I canít really recommend this CD as the electro-industrial tracks are quite poor. And even the more interesting industrial metal tracks sound somewhat amateurish. Thereís indeed potential here, and I hope to see it better used on the next Landfill CD.