Album: "Piano Wire Smile"
Label: n/a (2001)
Style: Heavy Rock
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

Less is a dark heavy rock band that would most likely appeal to those who enjoy bands such as Alice In Chains, Disturbed, A Perfect Circle, System Of A Down, Tool, etc. Iím actually quite surprised that theyíre not played on the radio or have videos on MTV. They have a big budget sound with a well produced recording quality.

The music here is created with guitar, bass and drums. These instruments are played very well and show that the musicians in Less are indeed skilled. The singer has an appealing rock music voice and sings as well as shouts. Most of the songs are fairly aggressive with harsh guitar strumming and slamming drum beats. But there are also calmer moments to be found here as well. So thereís a good amount of variety offered throughout this recording.

While Less doesnít really do anything new or different, I like the fact that theyíre not jumping on the so called "nu metal" bandwagon just to become popular. Less is an honest rock band. They set out to make solid rock music, and thatís exactly what they accomplish on this album.

While Iíve pretty much given up on the entire commercial rock music scene due to so much cookie-cutter marketed crap, itís nice to see rock bands like Less prove that there are still musicians out there who want to do their own thing without following any trends.

I expect Less to become rather popular in the near future. With a little more exposure, they could easily become one of the bigger rock bands of today.