Album: "Devil's Advocate" (1999)
Label: Flaming Fish Music
Style: Electro rock
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

Level is the solo project of Dan Levler. What he creates here is your standard cookie cutter guitar heavy industrial rock music very similar to that of Filter, Gravity Kills and Nine Inch Nails. You get the heavy guitars, bass, drum beats, clean shouted vocals and slight electronics buried behind it all. While the songs are good and do rock, they are nothing that you haven't already heard many times before. There are more electronic moments here as well where guitars back off and sequencing, sampling and drum programming is the main focus. But these songs have an alternative vibe that keep them from sounding industrial. Overall, I was not that impressed with this CD. While being a Christian industrial band, Level just isn't at the same level (excuse my pun) that other Christian industrial bands such as ARGYLE PARK, CIRCLE OF DUST, CULT OF JESTER and KLANK are at. But if you really like hard and heavy rock music with slight touches of electronics and synths, then you will probably enjoy what this CD has to offer. Just don't expect anything new or different.