Album: "La Folie" (1999)
Label: Dune Records
Style: Techno hip-hop
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

LIN is a rather unique band that mixes elements of techno, drum & bass and hip-hop all into one. They blend these different musical genres together quite well. The music is created with a combination of electronic programming and guitars. The primary vocals are provided by UBQT. He spits out lyrics in a hip-hop style over the music. Secondary vocals are delivered by June. Her voice is as beautiful as she is. She brings melody to the songs with her enchanting singing. With all of these elements combined into one, the band is able to create songs that are quite different from each other. The songs "Lawn Cocktail", "Sophie's Choice" and "Sellout Song" are all rather mellow and relaxed tracks with June taking center stage with her amazing vocal work. Most of the other songs have UBQT at the front with his vocals, while June sings chorus. A lot of the songs here are somewhat energetic and would be good club tracks. My favorite songs on the CD are "Lawn Cocktail", "Are You Feelin' This", "Crowd Non Pleasers", "Sellout Song", "Brothel Cholera Bugs" and "State of the Art". While this LIN album is good, it's meant more for a mainstream music crowd. There's not a lot here to please EBM or industrial music fans. But if you like clean and polished commercial sounding electronica music with a combination of both male hip-hop vocals and beautiful female singing, you will really enjoy what this LIN CD has to offer.