Album: "Hybrid Theory" (2000)
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Style: Heavy rock
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Linkin Park blends different genres of music into one creating an original and fresh sound. There are elements of heavy rock, punk, rap and industrial found in each and every song on this disc. The band does an excellent job of making each song sound different while still sticking to their unique style. This is heavy and aggressive rock music first and formost. But, unlike so many other similar bands, Linkin Park isn't afraid to lighten up in-between the angst to include melody. Also, guitars do not drown out the music. Every instrument and device (including electronic programming) is heard just as clearly. Eveything compliments everything for a great balance. The music is sometimes thrashy, while other times it's calmer with mainly electronics taking over. The dual vocals of Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda blend perfectly adding another dimension to these songs. Chester Bennington is an amazing singer that has a lot of diversity to his voice and constantly changes how he sings. Sometimes he sings with melody carrying a tune wonderfully, while other times he shouts in a rage. Basically, he can sing any way that he chooses, and proves that on each and every song found here. Mike Shinoda provides the rap style word blurting vocals to the songs to add yet another layer. He raps well with a serious and angry edge. Both of these singers are included on each song blending their unique singing styles together to add an element that isn't found too often. What makes everything even better is that the lyrics are well written. These are serious songs with real emotions that have genuine meanings and feelings. Each and every song mixes calm moments with aggressive rage keeping the listener on edge never allowing them to know what is going to be thrown at them next. Every song has something that makes it stand out and makes you want to listen to it over and over again. These songs are all interesting, creative and enjoyable to listen to. The only real flaw with this CD is that it's rather short. Its total playing time is only thirty seven minutes. The songs only play for about three minutes each. So they do go by a little quickly. But they have so much happening in them that they don't ever feel as short as they really are. But the end of the CD does seem to come a little too quickly. But this is the type of CD that you can listen to on repeat. The bottom line is that this CD should not be missed of fans of heavy rock music. Fans of coldwave and industrial rock/metal music would probably enjoy this album as well due to the use of a lot of electronics.