Album: "Psycho Magnet" (1996)
Label: Apocalyptic Vision
Style: Goth rock
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a goth rock band with some industrial touches that allows them to stand out amongst countless of other goth rock bands out there. Each song on this album is energetic with very catchy rhythms and beats. The electronics are used nicely, the synths are haunting, the drum beats make the music full, the guitars fit perfectly, the bass guitar adds a dark element, and the deep male vocals sing harmonic with a lot of emotion. There isn't a bad song to be found here, but I could have handled more. Out of the twelve songs there are two instrumentals and two remixes. That only leaves eight original songs with vocals. Also, one of these songs is only two minutes long. It's called "The Bondage Song", and it's good. But I don't know why the band decided to only make it two minutes long. It's a shame. But each song does sound different with dark and haunting elements mixed with fast paced industrial elements. If you're looking for a goth rock album with a twist, London After Midnight's "Psycho Magnet" is what you have been looking for.