Album: "Roll On" (2001)
Label: Reprise Records
Style: Punk-pop
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

The Living End is a punk-pop trio from Australia. What they deliver on this CD is fast paced upbeat party rock music including elements of punk, ska and rockabilly. If you mixed the sound of The Clash and Green Day, you would most likely get a sound similar to what is presented in the songs contained on this album. These are catchy radio hits for fans of alternative rock music. The music is made up of frantic guitar, deep bass and hard hitting drums combined with a lot of cymbal crashing. Clean accented male vocals shout out the lyrics over the music. Basically, this band does absolutely nothing new or different with their music. While they're indeed good musicians, they're also very typical. You can't help but feel that you've heard this same music before many times in the past as it sounds like so much music before it. The bottom line is that if you like punk-pop bands such as Green Day, you will enjoy this CD as well.