Album: self-titled (2000)
Label: Universal Records
Style: Industrial Rock
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

Sascha Konietzko decided to end his long running industrial project KMFDM a while back, and now makes music as MDFMK. Considering the fact that MDFMK is simply KMFDM spelled backwards, it doesn’t come as a big surprise that the songs of MDFMK sound very much like those of KMFDM. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t any differences between the two, because there are.
       KMFDM was known for making music with a slight tongue-in-cheek kind of humor to it such as including the lyrics “KMFDM sucks” in their songs. But MDFMK takes things a little more seriously without any shouting of the letters “M-D-F-M-K” in their music, or any other such trademark things that KMFDM was known for. This is actually a good thing because KMFDM started getting rather stale toward the end due to their use of the same old tired elements in each and every one of their releases. So it was definitely time for a change. MDFMK offers just enough change to give them a slightly new sound, but enough familiar styles to keep original KMFDM fans pleased.
       MDFMK is made up of three primary members: Sascha Konietzko, Tim Skold and Lucia Cifarelli. This allows for their music to have a more solid and structured sound to it. KMFDM was known for using guest musicians on their albums making their CDs sound more like compilations than one band doing all of the material. This was good for variety, but it did get a bit out of hand at times with songs that just didn’t flow well together. MDFMK manages to deliver a lot of variety, but everything works well without anything sounding like it doesn’t belong.
       What MDFMK basically creates is hard and heavy energetic and aggressive guitar thrashing dance floor stomping industrial rock music. Most of the songs are harsh and brutal with chugging guitar riffs and slamming drum beats mixed with creative electronic programming, sampling and the vocal talents of Sascha, Tim and Lucia. But everything here isn’t just heavy and rocking as there are also more melodic moments to be enjoyed as well. These times are usually more laid back created primarily with electronics and the mesmerizing singing of Lucia. There are also tracks here that sound a lot like Tim Skold’s solo work where he basically takes center stage the entire time. So each of the three band members do get a chance to really show off their talents on this CD. It’s a group effort that comes together quite well. Lucia really brings in a nice touch to the music with her tantalizing voice. Sascha growls the lyrics with distorted anger, Tim sings with power and Lucia seduces you with her lovely singing.
       While all of the tracks here are good, there are a few that do stand out. I personally enjoy: “Get Out Of My Head”, “Gasoline”, “Torpedoes”, “Stare At The Sun”, “Control”, “Hydro-Electric” and “Witch Hunt”. These tracks include a lot of really good moments that make them a treat to listen to. The bottom line is that this is a solid high quality well produced industrial rock CD that should not be missed by fans of KMFDM, or heavy guitar industrial music.