Album: "Tongues" (1998)
Label: Urlinie Records
Style: Ambient/experimental/electro
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a rather strange and different electronic band. They are very experimental with various electronic sound effects, samples, drum programming, voices, ambient noises, keyboard melodies, etc. all in the mix to create some music that is way out there. Some tracks are experimental while others are a little more structured. There are tracks with piano and singing like lounge music mixed with sound effects and various noises and samples. Everything lacks singing for the most part. There are mainly experimental instrumentals delivered here with voice samples. Some tracks have energetic rhythms and beats that you could almost dance to, while others are strictly slow and melodic ambient music. I will admit that this band seems to get a little more creative with what they do making their songs stand out a little more in my opinion. Their music is easier to listen to than a lot of other similar bands like them because there is a lot happening in it that keeps you wanting to listen just to hear what they are going to add next. Also, each track does sound different. That makes things more interesting as well. Some have a funk sound while others have jazz/blues and there is even some pop and techno moments here as well. The bottom line is that I myself just don't find this kind of music that appealing. But for this style of music, this band does it a lot better than most. If you enjoy ambient/experimental/electronic music that is really strange and out there, I would suggest that you give this Mig album a try. It has an edge to it that a lot of these types of bands usually seem to lack.