Album: "Shatter And Impale" (1996)
Label: Anubis Recordings
Style: Goth rock
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is very dark, dreary, and haunting goth music. Synths, electronics, and drum machines create the overall sound. All of the music is very dramatic and orchestrated with beautiful harmony. However, the singing is lacking. The singer has a high pitched whiney voice that just doesn't seem to fit with the music. Also, some songs are a bit too dreary for my tastes. They seem too slow moving at times. The energy level is too low to hold my interest. I get bored of the songs before they end. Some songs do pick up and have a lot of energy, but there just aren't enough of them to keep me listening. Goth freaks should enjoy this album a lot. But if you're looking for more of an edge, you won't find it here.