Album: "Abrasive Technology" (1995)
Label: Ribbed Records
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 8


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album delivers your typical angry distorted vocals, thrashy guitars, drum beats, electronics, synths, and samples. The music is very dark and aggressive with a punk edge. It sounds very similar to early Hate Dept. material. There is absolutely nothing new to be heard here. Also, there are a lot of other bands out there that do this sound much better. The rhythms and beats are a bit repetitive, and the music sounds like there's something missing. There's an amateur sound to this album. But I do actually like this album. The songs are catchy, and have some great uses of electronics, synths, and samples in them. Also, the vocals are angry and scream a lot. But the album only has six songs with vocals. Two of the songs found here are simply instrumentals. So it's as if you're buying an EP for the price of a full album. If you're a huge fan of this style of music, you will want to give this album a listen.