Album: "Frequency Coupler" (1997)
Label: LabelName
Style: Corrosive Inc.
Songs: 3


Reviewed by: Darklight

Matrix is a great dark electro industrial band that create their music with electronic sequencing, sampling, synths and drum programming combined with distorted male vocals. Their music is energy packed, catchy and could work on the dance floor. It's not really original, but it's still very good. The songs pull you in right when they begin and don't release you until they are over. Listening to the three songs on this demo tape just made me want to hear more. I have no idea why this band is not signed to a label yet with a full length CD released. They have the quality and polish of any other electro industrial act out there. Actually, these three songs are better than a lot of what exists out there right now. These songs really do stand out and would pack any dance floor. If the band could create an entire album with this kind of quality aggressive energy packed dark electro music they would be popular with industrial fans and their songs would be club hits.