Album: "Alles, Was Du Willst..." (2001)
Label: Accession Records
Style: Electro-industrial / EBM
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Megadump is a fairly new German heavy electro-industrial/EBM act that are quickly making a name for themselves. This latest release by them is a good indication why they are gaining popularity. This CD explodes with extremely energetic driving clubfloor music right from the start, and only lets up a couple of times throughout the album.

Most of the songs here were definitely developed for the clubfloor as they will make you want to stomp all of your hate and anger out. These songs are aggressive, powerful and hard driving with dark techno induced music, slamming bass beats and deep thick accented male vocals.

There is a good helping of variety included here as the songs do manage to sound rather different from track to track presenting unique and creative elements that keep them all quite interesting.

Six of the songs include German lyrics, and four include English lyrics. The tracks with German lyrics are extremely hard and heavy with powerful beats and angry vocals. The songs with English lyrics are a little calmer with more melody. I assume the reason for this is due to the fact that the German language sounds stronger for the heavier songs, while the English language allows for more of a melodic delivery. Whatever the reason, it does work and allows for more variety here. But since I donít understand German, I would have liked more songs with English lyrics.

One of the odd things here is that the singer for this band sounds a little different depending on what language he sings in. When he sings German his voice is very thick and gruff, but when he sings English his voice is softer and more melodic. He can sing with melody quite well, and it would have been nice if he did it a little more on this album.

If you want a quality hard and heavy angry and aggressive clubfloor packing electro-industrial/EBM combination with a touch of melody, this CD is a must.