Album: "The Point At Which It Falls Apart" (2000)
Label: Metropolis Records
Style: Synth-pop
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Mesh is an extremely clean and polished smooth flowing synth-pop band that incorporate all of the proper ingredients that give them an adge. What I really like about this album is that each of the songs stand out on their own without anything ever sounding really similar. The band does a great job of incorporating different moods, emotions and feelings throughout their compositions making for extremely entertaining and enjoyable music.

First and foremost, the music development here is of the highest quality blending well layered electronic programming with beautifully orchestrated melodies, driving beats and occasional guitar. The songs build slowly from melodic splendor to aggressive energy throughout their course delivering a lot of different emotions. The vocals are also superb delivered in a clean harmonic fashion as well as slightly more energetic.

Mesh isnít satisfied with just sticking to one particular formula here, so they deliver a wide variety of different synth-pop syles on this CD. While overall they have an upbeat vibe, they get rather dark at times as well. So much in fact that they sound a lot like Rosetta Stone. They also get a bit aggressive with heavy guitars as well. Itís on these tracks that they do sound similar to Hednoize. There are, of course, the more melodic Depeche Mode styles offered here as well.

While all of the winning combinations have already been covered here, the band goes even further by offering some extremely well written lyrics that are deep and meaningful. They also place the songs in a great order as to separate the more energetic songs from the melodic ones to give good contrast.

My only real complaint with this overall CD is that it is a bit too commercial and mainstream sounding for my tastes. The band definitely has crossover appeal, and would most likely be quite popular if they got some exposure. I tend to like my synth-pop music to include a touch of EBM. But this Mesh CD is highly recommended to synth-pop music fans that like bands such as Depeche Mode, Hednoize and Rosetta Stone.

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