Album: "Plunder For Profit" (1995)
Label: Broken Seal
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is your typical electro industrial music. There is nothing new to be heard here. The music is dark, moody, and medium paced created with electronics, drum programming, and synths. The vocals are slightly distorted and have a strong German accent. They sound very similar to Project Pitchfork's vocals. But aren't nearly as good. The singing presented here is mainly just talking of words with slight anger or shouting out words in a screaming style. The rhythms and beats the music presents is somewhat catchy, but repetitive. None of the songs found here are very exciting. They simply play along from start to finish never going off in any other directions. How a song begins is how a song ends. The band never throws any surprises at the listener. This is what makes them rather bland and boring. Also, they have a very amateurish sound about them. They seem extremely generic. You just get basic music and singing with this album. Nothing ever just grabs you.