Album: "Birthmark" (1998)
Label: Doppler Effect Records
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band seems to draw influences from other electro industrial bands such as Front Line Assembly, Numb and Skinny Puppy. The music is created with fairly basic and repetitive electronic and drum programming. There is a lot of noise and distortion in the mix as well. Hidden behind everything are extremely distorted male vocals that shout out the lyrics. The music does get dramatic at times with dark and haunting synth melodies and deep whispered vocals. There are even a couple of songs here that are fairly energetic and could work out on the dance floor. But overall there just isn't anything really that new or different to be found here. This is typical and standard electro industrial music for the most part. It also has a dated sound to it. It just doesn't have the clean and polished edge that most electro industrial music has now. But the songs on this CD were recorded between 1993-1998. That could explain why some of the material here has an older sound to it. But it almost sounds as if the entire CD was recorded back in 1993 because there just really isn't anything here that sounds modern. There are a few rather dull instrumentals on this CD as well. There are a couple of remixes, too. This CD will appeal to fans of an older electro industrial sound similar to that of Skinny Puppy. But anyone past that stage (such as myself) that enjoys a more modern electro industrial sound that includes touches of EBM, techno and synth-pop won't find anything to get too excited about on this album.