Album: "Lost Alone"
Label: Metropolis Records (2004)
Style: EBM
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Mind.In.A.Box is the solo EBM project of Stefan Poiss. What he offers on this Lost Alone album is a quality and somewhat unique collection of songs with the theme of being alone in the world.

The electronic programming is varied and well layered with a lot to hear in the mix combined with driving beats, moody melodies and a combination of deep and clear vocals and oddly altered high-pitched robotic vocals.

What this album does well is combine somewhat energetic music with a lot of mood and emotion. There's a lot of feeling in these songs that really draws you into them.

The majority of songs offer deep and clear somewhat dreary vocals. But there are a few songs that feature a weird high-pitched robotic voice. It's strangely appealing, and gives the songs a sci-fi feel.

This is music from a dark future controlled by machines. Put it in your audio player and go to places you've never gone before. Enjoy the journey.