Album: "Dark Side of the Spoon" (1999)
Label: Warber Bros

Style: Industrial Rock
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Nicholas

Ministry have said that there will not be another Filth Pig, and that this album is supposed to be more like their older material.  This is certainly true with the opening track, "Supermanic Soul", which sounds like a remake of "The Missing" with different vocals and vocal effects.  It certainly marks a better production value than Filth Pig, but it just seems to be an attempt to recapture the glory of their old days.  Even worse, this is the only song on the CD that can be considered decent enough to be played in its entirety. Alright, so it's not another Filth Pig, but that album had one thing that made it better than Dark Side of the Spoon.  Once you got used to the style, while you may not have liked it at first, you could sit through the whole album. That is because all of the songs sucked in virtually the same way, so if you could find a mood that made one of the songs acceptable, the others would also be alright in that mindset.  Dark Side of the Spoon, on the other hand, sucks in ways that I didn't know were possible.  Each song has a different brand of terribleness, from a lazy slow Filth Pig style ("Bad Blood") to an insipid lounge rock style with annoying howls ("Step").  This album seems to pull influences from all of the worst aspects of all of the Al Jourgensen projects, even momentarily revisiting the horror of my least favorite track of all time ("Jesus Built My Hot Rod") with the vocal style on "Eureka Pile". Track 69, "Linda Summertime", is a lady singing a song over what sounds like a phone.  The lyrics mainly involve her lazily singing "summertime" over and over again.  Terrible?  Yes.  But unfortunately one of the better songs on the album.


Album: "Filth Pig" (1996)
Label: Columbia Records
Style: Metal
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

What the fuck is this shit? Not "The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste" and "Psalm 69" Ministry. This doesn't sound anything like Ministry as we once knew it. There are no electronics on this album whatsoever. There are no signs of this being an industrial album at all. This is just straight forward drab metal. This shit is fucking boring. If drab, boring, slow paced, repetitive metal is your style of music, this album is for you. Otherwise, you will want to stay away from it. Don't let the Ministry name fool you. This isn't any Ministry that you have ever heard before. I think that it's time Ministry retires. They have lost it.