Album: self-titled (1995)
Label: Earache Records
Style: Electro Metal
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a death metal album with a unique twist. At first it sounds like your typical death metal music with thrashy guitars, slamming drums, and raw throated screaming mad vocals. But then the harsh music and vocals will back away, and melodic singing with electronics and synths will come in. But then after a while the harsh elements will come back again. The songs "My Mind Still Speaks", "Need Another One", "Happy?", and "Private Hell" all include this style of aggressive and melodic music. The song "Sonic Attack" is medium paced and melodic all the way through. The songs "Kiss Your Boots", "This Is No Dream", "Scared", "I Swallow", and "The Only Way" are all pure angry and aggressive death metal assaults from start to finish. This album is full of variety. No two songs sound alike. The mixing of death metal and melodic harmonizing on most of the songs is a very original approach.