Album: "Super Refraction" (1997)
Label: Egg Records Inc.
Style: Alternative rock
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is pure alternative rock music that sounds like something I would expect to see a video for on MTV's 120 Minutes. It's quality and well done music with a lot of mood. The singer, Valerie Forgione, has a very beautiful voice and sings with a lot of passion and emotion. There is variety to each of the songs. Some are straight forward rock while others are slow and melodic. Most of the music here plays at a medium pace with a pop vibe to it. There is no reason why this band couldn't make it big. They are a lot better than most of the crap being played on MTV and the radio these days. If melodic, polished, well produced alternative music with female vocals is your thing, you will enjoy this album.