Album: "Frost"
Label: Metropolis Records (2004)
Style: Synth-pop
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

Monofader is the synth-pop project of Sebastian R. Komor (Icon of Coil) and Richard Bjorklund. While Sebastian R. Komor makes the music, don't assume that this is an Icon of Coil clone, because it's not. This band sounds almost nothing at all like Icon of Coil.

Monofader is a very melodic synth-pop band offering upbeat electronic programming, mid-tempo beats, beautiful melodies and deep clear vocals that sing powerful and positive. The overall production of this music is top notch delivering a crisp and polished sound.

While there are some songs here that are energetic enough for the dance floor, the majority of this album is somewhat laid back with a cold feel similar to Covenant's Northern Light album. There's EBM elements in some of the songs, but this a pure synth-pop album for the most part.

At first this album sounded rather typical to me, but its uniquenesses started to show through the more I listened to it. While it's still fairly standard synth-pop music for the most part, it's extremely well done and will appeal to just about anyone who enjoys this style of music.