Album: "Power to the People"
Label: Lunar Entertainment (2001)
Style: Electro-pop
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

When I first held this CD in my hand I had no idea what the music recorded on it was going to sound like. The front cover of the CD is an abstract drawing done in what appears to be pencils and crayons. The colors used are primarily pink and aqua blue. When I put the CD in my stereo I was instantly impressed with the opening track “Already Gone”. It is an upbeat electro-pop song with female vocals. Basically, it’s not what I was expecting at all. Unfortunately, this is the only track on the CD featuring female vocals. However, the CD continues down a path of rather quality synth-pop music featuring clean male vocals.

The music is well programmed featuring a lot of sound layering, catchy beats and beautiful melodies. The vocals are untreated and sing rather well. But the album switches gears completely on track eight with “What Is Spirituality”. This is a darker more redundant song featuring angry shouted distorted male vocals. The remaining three songs on the album “La Grand Dame”, “Electro Man“ and “Rock The Party Hard” offer upbeat funky techno instrumental type pieces with sampled voice. These tracks are quite poor in comparison to the first seven synth-pop tracks, and are out of place.

When all is said and done, there are some really great tracks to be enjoyed here in you like synth-pop music. However, the last four songs on the album are simple and repetitive in their sound lacking the structure, polish and quality of the first seven songs.

I personally feel that this band’s energy should be put into making an album full of quality synth-pop music that features both male and female vocals. But only they can decide what they want to do in the future.