Album: "For Water"
Label: Samsom Records (2001)
Style: Industrial/Goth/Metal
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band mixes a lot of different genres of music into their sound with an end result that is quite impressive. They blend the electronic crunch of industrial with the dark haunting moods of goth with the guitar assaults of metal to create an outcome of pure manic mayhem. The vocals switch between calm-angry male singing and eerily beautiful female crooning.

Variety is definitely here as each song manages to sound different from the one before it. The band does a good job of incorporating aggression with soothing beauty. Also, they combine a good helping of all of the different ingredients they use to prevent any one sound from ever dominating.

The problem with a band like this is that their diversified sound isnít easily placed with a fan base. Industrial music fans will feel that they are too goth and metal, goth music fans will feel that they are too industrial and metal, while metal fans will feel that they are too industrial and goth. This band will most likely appeal to those who enjoy dark metal music, but it might include too many electronic effects for them. As for me, I like the music included here, but it definitely does have too many goth and metal influences for an electro-industrial/EBM fan such as myself. But if you think you would enjoy an album that mixes a good helping of industrial, goth and metal all in one, this is definitely a CD for you.