Album: "The Smell of Rain" (2001)
Label: Earache Records
Style: Industrial / Goth Rock
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

Mortiis in the past made rather dark and dramatic gothic instrumental music. But he has decided to try something different on this release. ‘The Smell Of Rain’ is a hybrid album that features several different genres of music all rolled into one. And I am personally quite pleased with what this recording has to offer.

The music offered on this album is a blend of industrial and goth rock. There is a good helping of electronic programming and synth melodies combined with guitars and slamming drum beats. The overall mood of the album is dark and dramatic with an emotional edge. The songs do a good job of delivering fast paced rhythms and beats along with chugging guitar riffs and quality vocals. Mortiis is a good singer and unleashes a lot of range in his vocals. He is joined by an angelic female singer at times as well to give the songs more variety. The music is high quality offering a lot of diversity in the sound and structures. It’s not quite industrial and not quite goth, but somewhere in-between.

The only problem with the album is that there are only nine songs, and they all stick to a similar formula. Basically, there isn’t a lot of variety from song to song. This entire album sounds fairly the same from beginning to end. But each song is good without anything offered that you will want to pass up. Some songs are rather memorable as well. I still catch myself humming “Spirit In A Vacuum” often.

The bottom line is that this is a quality recording offering a good blend of industrial and goth rock elements. If you enjoy dark rock music with industrial touches, this CD is a must.