Album: "Objectif Lune" (1998)
Label: Muad'dib
Style: Experimental
Songs: 5


Reviewed by: Darklight

Muad'dib is an experimental/noise/ambient sound art project. Various electronic sound effects and samples play over funky drum beats, piano, bass lines, etc. to create rather chaotic music that goes off in several different directions.

I personally have never seen the appeal in this kind of music, and don't quite grasp its connection with industrial/goth/EBM or electronic/synth music in general.

The music here plays at a rather dreary pace with a lot of empty space. It doesn't come off as being very full or layered. But that's not to say a lot isn't happening in it. There is constantly something coming and going in and out of this music. It's quite frantic and messy. So much in fact that it gets on my nerves.

I just never could quite understand what one gets from such music. I could maybe see it work in a short art film, play, classic cartoon, or something such as that. But to listen to it on its own just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

I will admit that this music is well done for what it is. It does feature variety and changes along the way which is a good thing. This project should be on the Tone Casualties label since it's exactly the kind of music they specialize in.